Window Cleaning Sydney

Window Cleaner Sydney

Call 0416 622 134 for a free quote - Sydney window cleaners that provide cheap rates and freindly service. With a growing population of over 4.5 million people and a diverse mix of national and ethnic groups, Sydney is truly one of the world's great cities. From the bustling central business district with major financial and governmental institutions to the industrial port in Botany Bay, up to the diverse environments in the North West Hills, Sydney is a unique and diverse city. In recent years there has been large population growth and expansion in the South West of the Sydney region, due to constant expansion and development. This Westward shifting population has transformed Parramatta into a satellite central business district, servicing the western region of Sydney.

The beaches of Sydney are spectacular. Starting in the Northern Beaches there are some famous surf beaches including Curl Curl, Dee Why, Freshwater, and the ever resplendent Manly beach. The coast extends southward across the world famous Sydney Harbour. On the south side of the harbour is the iconic Bondi Beach. Less famous, but possibly more glamorous are the secluded Tamarama and Bronte Beaches. Both are hubs for the glitzy Eastern suburbs social scene. Further south is the Sutherland Shire and the Royal National Park. Varied landscapes and ecosystems highlight the diverse settings of this City.

Sydney is a sport-loving city, boasting teams in the four major Australian Football codes, NRL, AFL, A-League and the Super Rugby. There are many other teams in Sydney that are well supported in all the regions. The major sporting highlight for Sydney was the 2000 Olympics. The hosting of this major sporting event further thrust Sydney into the world's view and highlighted the many great aspects of this city.

Sydney has long been regarded as a breeding place for both artists and musicians. The world famous Sydney Opera House, nestled under the gleam of the Sydney harbour bridge, regularly hosts a variety of performances of the fine arts. Meanwhile, Sydney Olympic Park, Acer Arena and ANZ stadium, are routinely used to host concerts of the Worlds biggest bands. Smaller venues throughout the City in Suburbs such as Newtown, Enmore and Annandale house smaller venues that have a wide range of performers.
There are many individuals and companies that are involved in window cleaning in Sydney. Clean My Windows is an experienced and dynamic company that is used to the demands of Sydney window cleaning. We are especially familiar with the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The unique pace of life, the ebb and flow of the traffic and the late afternoon summer showers. At Clean My Windows we have local Sydney-siders who are familiar with the local conditions.

Sydney is a large city, and from a window cleaners perspective, this has pros and cons. Unfortunately, due to the high population, and the increasing development of industry, there is smog and air pollution. Of course, in comparison to other large cities across the world, the air in Sydney is relatively clean and there is only rarely heavy smog, but over time smog sediment deposits gradually builds up on Sydney windows. Additionally, in the beach-side suburbs, the afternoon breeze can introduce a salty corrosive build up on windows, especially on tall strata windows. As Sydney window cleaners we are very familiar with this local phenomena and know the techniques and methods to professionally clean your windows.
The best thing about being involved in window cleaning in Sydney is, the views! Looking out over Sydney harbour on a pristine spring morning, or gazing through the Manly promenade as the sun shines off the windows and doors is truly amazing. Without question, Sydney is a beautiful city, and if you want the best view of it, then contact us at Clean My Windows. We know everything there is to know about window cleaning in Sydney and can offer you the services of the best window cleaners in Sydney.

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